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Yes Mediate, LLC

Yes Mediate provides alternative dispute resolution services to individuals, companies, and communities throughout the United States and abroad. Our neutrals meet with parties in a secure conference setting with hybrid meeting capabilities. Yes Mediate’s roster of highly qualified and experienced Mediators, Arbitrators, Ombudsmen, and Facilitators assist parties in exploring and creating mutually satisfactory resolutions to conflict.

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At Yes Mediate, we assist parties in working together to find mutually satisfactory resolutions to conflict. We care about our clients and do all we can to help them avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

If you are looking for a mediation experience that actually brings the parties together in the same room to get to the bottom of a dispute, you’ve found the right place. Our philosophy is that all parties should walk away from a mediation experience feeling as if they have been heard and had an active role in the solution. An agreement will be more successful and most likely to be followed when all parties are invested in its design.

Our mediation technique focuses more on human interaction in rebuilding the damaged relationship whenever possible. If parties are not likely to continue a personal or working relationship in the future, we strive to assist the parties in maintaining rapport based on mutual respect as they continue to operate in a shared community.

Contract Disputes

Disputes involving, real estate, construction, land-lord tenant, international transactions, sports contracts, IP, trademark infringement.

Workplace Disputes

Disputes involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, hostile work environment, disability, wrongful termination, co-worker issues. 

Intellectual Property Disputes

Disputes involving copyrights, patents, trademark infringements, domain names, artistic works or designs, and intangible creations.

Consumer/Commercial Disputes

Disputes between consumers and business owners, including store owners, suppliers, and contractors, or business partners.

Family/Divorce & Child Custody

Disputes involving child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, elder & adult care crisis and disputes.

Personal Injury

Disputes involving bumper to bumper, 18-wheeler accidents, catastrophic injuries, work-related injuries, medical injury.


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